Fyn Games

I am a one man studio working in South Africa, Cape Town. I am inspired by the fun of video games, the excitement of learning and the beauty of nature. It is my aim that every game I make offers a fresh perspective on life, the opportunity to learn, to hear stories and is great fun!

I aim to make beautiful games that give players a sense of calm, perspective and appreciation for life wherever they may be in the world.

My two main games are currently Revenge Quest, a 1940s - 1950s noir, cute, side-scrolling shooter game and Superior Wizards, an RPG with combo-based spell-casting allowing you to conjure any element, Air, Water, Earth or Fire, at any time.

I started creating games in 2016 and I mostly work alone with help now and then from artists and musicians.

Thank you for your interest in my games so far and for coming to this page! I hope to make better and better games as the studio grows. If you have any suggestions, questions, feedback or want to get involved, please contact me on support@fyngames.com